Mayor Mike's Update




The role of City Departments (Public Works, Police, Fire and Administration) is to implement the decisions of City Council. The initial work is discussed in Standing Committees (Finance/Budget, Public Works, Events and Ordinance) and Special Committees (Broadband, Community Airport, Urban Wildlife and Economic Development) with active staff support from relevant departments. The City Administrator and Mayor participate as ex-officio members of all committees. This report is based on submitted City Departments’ reports of their activities each year that provide projections of planned and anticipated activities and operational needs for the coming year.


This report is intended, to the extent possible, to inform Goldendale residents of the work undertaken during 2019 and plans for 2020 that impact our community to provide transparency and to promote discussion and interaction between citizens and their local government.


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05-25-18 - Pump Storage Project
Much positive interest has been expressed by Goldendale residents regarding the pumped storage project being pursued by National Grid and Rye Development. Long-term economic impacts in the form of new jobs, tax base increases, and expanded retail sales would be very beneficial for our community. This project will create 144 permanent, local jobs (Operations and Maintenance) when fully built out. Numerous short-term jobs – many for area workers -- would be generated over the 3-5 year construction cycle. Click here for the presentation that was given during the Goldendale Energy Center Meeting on May 15th at the Klickitat County Public Utility District meeting.